Share Your Story Now

We all follow people online. We look for insight, motivation, or sometimes just pure entertainment.

What do these people we follow have in common?

They have all shared content with us. Content has become such a buzzword, but it simply means information that is shared in a certain format. This means words, images, videos, or any other form.

We consume this content for a specific reason. Most of the time, we feel they are speaking directly to us or solving our personal problem. If they’ve done their homework, they are speaking directly to you.

Something you may not realize is that they are human, just like us. Just like everyone else you know. The only difference is they have made a decision. This decision is usually the same no matter who you talk to.

They have decided that they have something worth sharing, and they shared it. Hopefully, they delivered value in doing so.

The only difference between you and them is this decision. I believe that everyone has something to share with others. Unfortunately, the following list of excuses get in the way:

  • I have nothing to say (Yes you do. You just don’t know who would find it valuable yet)
  • I have no experience (Once again, yes you do. You just don’t consider it experience because to you, it’s second nature)
  • I’m not interesting enough (Pick the topic you’re most passionate about. I guarantee you’ll come alive when sharing it)
  • I’m not ready to share yet (There will never be a perfect time and you’re first time will be embarrassing when you look back)

These excuses are understandable. Everyone has thought these things at some point in time.

It’s unfortunate that most of the people who share their experiences have already “made it.” It’s much easier to go back and reflect once you have reached some level of success. You know what’s hard?

Sharing your story now.

Sharing it when things are hard. When there is no success. When shit is hitting the fan and you’re aren’t entirely sure if you’re going to make it. When you aren’t buttoned up and “ready.”

In my opinion, this is when real value and insight are delivered. This is what others need to witness. How else will others get the entire story and learn from your mistakes?

With technology and the accessibility of smartphones, this is easier than ever. Apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and others allow you to share your thoughts and feelings in real time. To real people.

It may see intimidating at first, but Ernest Hemingway said it best:

“The first draft of anything is shit.”

The only way to improve and start delivering real value is to get past the first draft. It doesn’t matter if your first draft is a blog post, tweet, video, snap, or anything else. All that matters is that you share your story. One piece at a time.

What’s your story? How would you like to share it now, with others? Leave a comment below or continue this conversation on Twitter at @williamfrazier.

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