I Need to Make Calculated Decisions

A Much-Needed Confession

Do you ever feel this way?

That was kind of a loaded question. Of course you do. We all do.

It’s hard to be intentional with decisions when we’re all forced to face endless amounts of shit day in and day out.

I have a confession to make: I sometimes have a tendency to act without thinking.

Over the past few years, I’ve become hyper-focused on executing fast. This can be an advantage in a world where most of the battle is follow-through. However, like most strengths, this also becomes my most glaring weakness.

Because of my bias towards action, I sometimes waste time executing the wrong ideas, tasks, or projects.

I’ve learned that making sweeping declarations or hopeful resolutions never ends well for me. These promises are always too unrealistic and create self-appointed stress for my future self.

After several years of learning things the hard way, my self-awareness has finally gotten to the point where I am able to identify when some decisions are simply wrong.

Sometimes, the issue isn’t when to pull the trigger; it’s whether or not to even pull the trigger in the first place.

So what does this mean for me going forward and what does this tangibly look like?

It means I will be taking time to plan my decisions more strategically.

For example, instead of promoting an event or product launch as soon as I create it and the promotional material, I will identify the most strategic launch date, the most appropriate channels, and reverse engineer the timeline.

This will allow me to be even more prepared and leave a long lasting impact.

I know this probably sounds fairly straightforward, but hindsight is always 20/20.

It has taken years of trial-and-error and more mistakes than I care to admit in order to come to this conclusion. The question is, how can I cut this time in half for the next realization?

I guess I’ll just have to cross that bridge once I come to it.

Do you need to be more deliberate with your decisions? Are you trying to be more intentional with your business? Share your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter at @williamfrazr.

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